You’re introverted. Certainly not shy. An action taker.
Building the know, like & trust factor with your ideal clients is mission you live by.
Practical thinking is something which comes natural to you.
Your business is your life – your life is your business. You’re 100% committed. IN IT FOR THE LONG RUN!
Planning sounds really great in theory to you…but execution is a bit of a problem at times.
When you’re ON – you’re ARE ON. Showing up, blogging, networking, videos …..
But then there comes that down time…hiding away to re-charge.
However….you know that’s hurting your profits. You know that you don’t give people the opportunity to connect with you.
I get that… Grab some popcorn, get comfy …here goes my story!
T’ was the night before Christmas…2014.
I had an idea. A powerful and life-changing idea.
I struggled so much with video…maybe other peeps struggle with that, too.
And not just any ‘peeps’- but introverts like me! Peeps who don’t want to add to the noise, but want to make a profound impact with their message.
And my free challenge was born! A video challenge for introverts!
And of course, – going on video was not ”really” the problem for my challengers.
But to be visible with purpose, with intentions, turned out to be a big problem! ( And to stay consistent with it!).
I knew how much of an impact one person can make by sharing their message with intentions.
I’d seen it in my own work…
When I first started my business in 2002, doing the dreaded 60 second networking pitches.
When I entered my first public speaking competition.
When I trained young leaders across the world.
But now…I had to go all in. Now, people were asking me to help them to grow their businesses.
And I’m not going to lie,…that was scary. No more room to hide. And that was something I was an expert at.
Growing up in an environment where it was good to hide, better to disappear to avoid trouble, I learned to make silence and invisibility my internal superpower.
100% Introvert. 100% don’t bother anyone ( or ask for help!). 100% don’t be seen.
So showing up every day for my challengers and now my Fearless & Live Club members, – did not come natural to me.
But witnessing their personal and business growth over these years? : Priceless!
There comes the time when you have to make a decision, just like I did…
The decision to be ALL IN with everything you got on a consistent basis.
Or to hide.
I mentor introverted business owners to do the former.
To create and lead sustainable businesses by sharing their authentic messages, backed up with powerful, sound business strategies.
Choose impact. Choose intentions. Choose success.

You DO have to show courage, and you DO have to show up on a consistent basis to really connect with your dream clients.

Ready to Do just that?

Then check out The Fearless & Live Club – my monthly business mentoring club for introverts,designed to bust through the fear of visibility to share your message in your unique style and to achieve your big vision for your business.

But before you do, you might want to know a few things about me:

I’m an introvert.

I love working in my home office in a pink onesie. Put me in front of a large crowd of people to network or socialize and I run a mile.But when it comes to the crunch, I get up there and speak. Because connecting with your clients live is a truly life-changing experience. And if I can do this – you can do it too!

I’ve never ‘overcome’ my fear of public speaking – despite being a trainer and speaker.

I believe that’s a myth, invented by perfect speakers. Every time I have the opportunity to speak in front of a live audience ( including online!), I am super nervous and break out in a sweat. But this never hold me back. You might not even be able to tell that I’m nervous! I know that my jitters have nothing to do with the quality of the content that I’m about to deliver. Once I get into the flow I remember why I do this.

I’m German.

I speak English with what has been described as a ‘cute’ accent – despite living in the UK for over 12 years.

I live in a rural part of the Belgian countryside.

Happily enjoying the great food, long walks and chilling with my two kids, hubbie and cocker spaniel – And I love it here!

The official bio

After her classical training in hotel management, Sandra Pilarczyk had a successful career in hotel sales with Intercontinental Hotels Group.

She then spent the next decade running her own venue booking agency for corporate clients, organizing thousands of conferences and events.

As a keen volunteer for a global not for profit organization,she traveled the world to train young active citizens. It was there she realized the impact that one person could make by sharing their message – and decided to focus on helping introverted business owners to do just that.

Sandra founded The Fearless & Live Club – a monthly business mentoring community for introverted business owners to bust through the fear of visibility-so that they can STEP UP and STAND OUT in this crowded market place.

Sandra is a native German speaker, who also speaks English and Dutch fluently and now lives with her husband and two children in Belgium.

Her favorite quote is ‘ Believe you can, and you’re halfway there!’.

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