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”Why can’t people just come to me, so I can only focus on my coaching (training, teaching, creating mentoring…)?”

This Is a question you regularly ask yourself.

Switching ON takes up SO much energy. Blogging, live streaming, creating social media content, launching and launching one thing after another…bleurgh!

There is so much noise out there…the ‘how to’s’, the ‘best practise’, the ‘proven template’…you’ve tried them all with little or no return on your investment.

Let’s just hide. Seems like a good option. After all- as an introvert you need to re-charge, right?

Except…it’s hurting your profits.

The dream of creating and leading a business you love – dying in front of your eyes (said with all my love for you!).

The Introvert Goes Live To Thrive Challenge starts on the 22nd Nov.
Created to own your quiet entrepreneur so that you can thrive and make the impact you KNOW you have the power to make.

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A few (very good!) reasons why you really want to join this challenge:
Own your natural strengths to engage your ideal clients, so they get to know you, learn to love you and beg to buy from you (who doesn’t want that!).
Use your quiet super power and incorporate it into your marketing by shouting out smarter, not louder (after all…you don’t want to compete with all that noise out there!).
Let go of all of the reasons which hold you back from showing up on a consistent basis by creating a system which works for you (because you don’t want to be a rehearsed copy of somebody else).
Step into new levels of comfort zones to grow your business on your terms (and prove all the naysayers wrong who said it can’t be done!).
Starting on the 22nd Nov, you’ll get a a daily training email for 5 days to help you to own your quiet entrepreneur.
And of course, we’ll take a weekend break to re-charge.
You’ll have access to a private Facebook Group to test out, brainstorm and share your ideas in a supportive, encouraging and judgemental-free environment.

Yup, that’s me. ‘Mrs Introvert’ talking in front of over 100 people!

Your questions will be answered LIVE. Yes …An experienced business mentor, trainer and speaker (me!), will be live in our group for 5 days to support you all the way.

The aim is for you to walk out of that group with confidence, clarity and purpose.

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Life changing challenge!

Marie Fleming

”The one thing I learned – start where I am, keep practising, get better, don’t stress about perfection, and of course, visibility without intention is a waste of time.”

Sandra I seriously love you. You’ve helped me shift a long standing belief I had in my ability to put myself out there!

Tara Newman

”The one thing I discovered is that it’s not as scary as it seems and I can do it!! One take video was a game-changer for me. Now I just don’t worry, I do it and have done. Thank you so much.”

I am a huge Sandra Pilarczyk fan because she was one of my coaches that saw in me what I didn’t want to embrace.
She saw my power to connect when I had the courage to be visible.

Lisa Carpenter

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