No more hiding. 30 days to a message that resonates with you AND the people you want to work with.

You know there comes a time when you have to …


Out loud. To reach the people who need you the most.
To make the impact you really want to make.
And not just randomly add noise…
But to speak with clarity, focus, intention.
Without losing your soul (or hair).
The ‘Introverts Go Live & Thrive Challenge’ starts on the 20th September.
To support and teach you just that:
Go live with intention so that you can thrive and make the impact you KNOW you have the power to make.
Who is this for? 
This challenge is specifically for quiet online entrepreneurs who are not shy. 
You are an action taker who has a message to share with the world to make a positive impact.
You want to:

Create and share what’s deep in your soul in a way that feels like you – and not a rehearsed copy of someone else. 

Engage your ideal clients so they get to know you, learn to love you, and beg to buy from you.

Shout out your message smarter – not louder.

Finally. See a return on your visibility investment.

Who is this not for? 

Anyone not willing to take action. Period. If you would rather whine about the state of things, rather than do something about the way things are? This isn’t for you.

If you’re in business simply to make money, not change, this is not for you.

If you can’t see yourself showing up everyday in a way that feels good and natural to your nature? This isn’t for you.

What you can expect:

On the 20th September, you’ll receive a weekly training email for 4 weeks that will help you hone and establish the message that’s been pulling at your heart.
You’ll also gain access to our private Facebook group where you’ll get daily motivational prompts that help you to overcome any obstacles that arise when trying to figure out just what you want to say to the world.
We’ll also have Facebook LIVE prompts in the group so you can practice getting your message out BEFORE stepping back out into mainstream newsfeeds.
The goal is for you to walk out of that group with CONFIDENCE and CLARITY and PURPOSE.


Finally figure out what you want to say. In a safe and supportive space.

After our time together you’ll be ready to share your authentic message to attract your potential clients and watch the magic unfold as you’re stepping up into new levels of comfort zones.

It is your time to be seen! 
We start on the 20th September.
Reserve your place here (for FREE!): 

‘Life changing challenge’

‘The one thing I learned – start where I am, keep practising, get better, don’t stress about perfection, and of course, visibility without intention is a waste of time.’

‘Sandra I seriously love you. You’ve helped me shift a long standing belief I had in my ability to put myself out there!’

‘The one thing I discovered is that it’s not as scary as it seems and I can do it!! One take was a game-changer for me. Now I just don’t worry, I do it and have done. Thank you so much.’

‘The one thing I have learned is that the world doesn’t fall in if I express myself even when I have “risky” messages to deliver.’

‘Increased COURAGE to be visible. Thank you so much’

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