Day-to-Day support, accountability, connection and guidance to lead a business on your terms.

Hiding is hurting your profits.

You know it it. I know it.

I also know that it is scary to show up up every single day-just to make your business work.

It takes courage.

I get it. Been there.

Being introverted can be a bit of an excuse…


You can jump in with me for accountability and lessons on making it work for YOU.

You can use your introverted side to SHOW UP in a powerful way.

Not by shouting louder. Just smarter.

You have gifts to offer this world. An impact to make. 

I’m here to support you to make that happen.

The Fearless & Live Club is not a course, a program or just another membership site. 

This is a walk-with-you experience.

Every single week, you’ll have a fellow introvert to pull you from your shell so that you can create and lead the business you really want and are never ever stopped again from your urges not to show up.

I know this is not easy.

And I also know that this will work. 

As long as you show up.

I have clients just like you, who were just like me…introverted and didn’t want to show up, but wanted success.

I’m here to tell you that it can’t happen by using a magic formula or template. 

BUT it CAN happen in a way that feels SO good to you.

And it starts inside the Fearless & Live Club.

  • Live creation time – actually putting pen to paper and setting your intentions for the week.


No more waking up in the morning, thinking ‘What the heck am I doing today and where will my next sales come from?’.

  • Mentoring from an introverted mentor who has done what you want to do and teaches others to do it, too.

Business mentoring results at a monthly membership investment.

HUGE results from YOU. By taking action. By showing up. By being committed.

No more drooling over testimonials that you wish were yours.

No more spending money on courses that you won’t finish.

No wasted time. It’s time. It’s your time to be seen.

This is your opportunity to get in the results you want from your business. 

How it works 

* Weekly group intention setting calls on a Monday that’s led by the monthly and weekly worksheets I’ve created for you to help you stay on top of your goals.

*Accountability wrap up on a Friday to see where you’ve achieved your goals and where you need to shift for the next week.

*Private one on one time with me during the week in case business questions arise and you need personal mentoring on it.

*Private Facebook Group for a safe, supportive space to test out your ideas and ask for feedback on your ideas, strategy, and marketing copy.

Plus you’ll be supported by business owners from all sorts of backgrounds and different parts of the world.

Because nobody can succeed in business by themselves. 

*Access to my entire library of training resources to get you started right away.

Join the Fearless & Live Club and lock in your monthly membership at 60 Euros a month.

Payments occur every 30 Days. You can cancel at any time. No refunds.

This is for you of you’re looking for:

*Real, no fluff accountability on a weekly basis, because consistency is your key to success.

*Answers to your most pressing business growth questions, because you’re done with buying courses after courses, program after program.

*Access to a business mentor who has been in business since 2002 and made all the mistakes…so you don’t have to.

*Support from fellow introverted business owners who just get it, no need to explain yourself.

*A safe, non judgemental space to practise your live streams, videos and brainstorm your next big thing offers.

Over the past months members:

*Gained new clients by creating and launching their ideal offers 

*Launched their own meet-up groups 

*Created content which engages their ideal clients 

*Bagged guest interview and guest blogging opportunities 

*Gained clarity about their services and message 

*Joined in-person networking groups

*Stayed consistent in their marketing efforts – week after week 

In short: Creating sustainable businesses on THEIR TERMS.

After working with hundreds of business owners – I know that you don’t need yet another program.

Haven’t you bought enough of these yet?

Yeah thought so! Hence I’ve created this club.

I can guarantee you that I am on your side. To support you to take action. To become clear about your vision, mission, goals. To SHOW up.


Join the Fearless & Live Club and lock in your monthly membership at 60 Euros a month.


Payments occur every 30 Days. You can cancel at any time. No refunds.

It’s your time to be seen!

Yours Sandra

What my members say:

The value of my working with Sandra continues to increase. She models her lessons and continues to adapt to a changing business culture. Sandra is intuitive, sharp, caring, and invested. She articulates, with straight forward simplicity, best practices. She offers no B.S. but rather motivates me with clear insights. If you care to grow your business in away that is authentic to you, I encourage you to reach out to Sandra for visibility and business coaching.

Joy Caffrey

Thanks for making this group accessible- it’s exactly what is needed in today’s hyped up over inflated egos of online business building.

Cj Appleby

It’s amazing how much clarity one can get in under 30 minutes with a mentor like Sandra who is gentle, encouraging, but also firm about what needs to happen next. Thank you Sandra!

Serena Low

Sandra rocks all things business related and she does it in a way that makes it not only do-able for introverts but something we look forward to doing. Enjoy networking, being visible, promoting your work publicly as an introvert? Yes, it’s possible and Sandra shows you how each step of the way.

Christi Daniels

Working with Sandra has helped me increase and improve my visibility in a big way! She’s been there, and she understands what it takes to put yourself out there and succeed online. I love working with her because she goes the extra mile to help you achieve your goals! Between the lessons and the 1:1 support and all the little things in between has made working with her an excellent choice!!

Debra Lee

“I have a life changing message to share but I’m not going to make the impact I could if no one hears about it .
Thanks to Sandra I’m learning and practicing how to show up on a consistent basis to reach my audience and start my movement.
There’s no one size fits all so Sandra is helping me find what works best for my business and style of working.
Having an expert readily available as a sounding board and to keep my natural momentum growing is priceless.
My Facebook group is growing.I’m showing up daily. I’ve offered my first ever course, and I’m loving the connections I’m making as well as loving my business more and more each day.”

Sara J. Sanderson

Business Coach

As a confirmed introvert Sandra certainly puts herself out there for you. Her support, great marketing ideas and practical tools are readily there for the taking. You just have to decide it’s your time to be seen, and she’s there encouraging you, nudging you, all the way.

Shirley Hiscock

If you are an introvert online entrepreneur, Sandra is your coach. She really get’s the struggle of us introverts, she walks the talk and she is there to guide, encourage and support you every step of the way. And she reminds you to celebrate your wins as well. Thank you for doing what you do Sandra!

Renee Oz

Join the Fearless & Live Club and lock in your monthly membership at 60 Euros a month.


Payments occur every 30 Days. You can cancel at any time. No refunds.

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