Dear introverted business owner,

hiding is hurting your profits. You know it. I know it.

But what I also know is that’s scary to show up every single day – just to make your business work.

It takes courage.

I get it. Been there.

Being introverted can be a bit of an excuse…


You can jump in with me for accountability and lessons on making it work for YOU.

You can use your introverted side to SHOW UP in a powerful way. Not by shouting louder. Just smarter.

You have gifts to offer this world. An impact to make.

I’m here to help you to make that happen.

The Fearless & Live Club is not a course, a program or just another membership site.

This a walk-with-you experience.

Every single week, you’ll have a fellow introvert to pull you from your shell so that you can make the impact you want and need and are never ever stopped again from your urges not to show up.

I know this is not easy.

And I also know that this will work.

As long as you show up.

I have clients just like you, who were just like me…introverted and didn’t want to show up, but wanted success.

I’m here to tell you it can’t happen by using a magic formula or template.

BUT it CAN happen in a way that feels SO good to you.

And it starts inside the Fearless and Live Club:

– Live creation time – actually putting pen to paper and setting your intentions for the week.

Every. Single.Week. No more waking up in the morning thinking ‘ What the heck am I doing today and where will my next sale come from?’.

– Mentoring from an introverted mentor who has done what you want to do and teaches others to do it, too.

– Mastermind results in at a membership price.

HUGE results from YOU. By taking action. By showing up. By being committed.

No more drooling over testimonials that you wish were yours.

No more investing in courses that you won’t finish.

No more wasted time. It’s time. It’s time to be seen.

This is your opportunity to get in on the power results you want from your business.

How does it work?

Weekly Group Training Every Monday 10 am Brussels time  OR 5 pm Brussels time ( check here for your timezone ) 

Weekly short & sweet training with time to write down your intentions for the week.

Imagine. Coming together as group once a week. A short & sweet training session ( max 15 minutes) to kick-start your inspiration.

Plus 30-Minute creation time. Audio off. Q & A over the chat box.

A sense off togetherness, but still have your own space to create.

To focus on your goals, your intentions. To commit to take action. To be supported by business owners from all sorts of backgrounds and different parts of the world.

One on One Time 

Because sometimes you just need to talk to a mentor who gets you and your business. I’ve allocated weekly 30-minute call slots for club members to book on a first come first serve basis.

Private Facebook Community

You’ll have some questions, I understand. About the ‘how’, the ‘when’ the ‘where’ of running a business.

I got you covered with that in our private Facebook Group, where you get your questions answered and have a space to practise and test out your ideas.

Just being able to show up as you. No judgement.

Daily Task

I’ll set you daily task designed to keep you motivated and inspired.

Support and Accountability

Daily support from me to grow your business.

Sales copy, funnel, marketing, business growth questions answered right then and there.

You set the intentions and I hold you accountable.

All you need to do is to SHOW UP.

In short:

A high level Mastermind with me – at the cost of a monthly membership.

This is for you if you’re looking for:

– Real, no fluff accountability on a weekly basis, because consistency is your key to success.
– Answers to your most pressing business growth questions, because you’re sick and tired of buying course after course and program after program.
– Access to a business mentor who has been in business since 2002 and made all the mistakes…so you don’t have to.
– Support from fellow introverted business owners who just ‘get it’, no need to explain yourself.
– A safe, non judgmental space to practise your live streams, videos and brainstorm your ‘next big thing’ offers.

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs – I know you don’t need another program.

Haven’t you bought enough of these yet?

Secretly looked at the testimonials, thinking ‘ That’ll be ME!’ and barely made it to module 2?

Yeah I thought so…hence I’ve created this new club.

I can guarantee you is that I’m on your side. To support you to take action. To become clear about your goals and to SHOW UP. Every.Single.Day.

The investment is 45 Euros a month. Billed every 30 days and you can cancel at any time.

Ready to stop hiding? Click the image below to commit and get started today.

It’s your time to be seen!

Yours Sandra

Thanks for making this group accessible- it’s exactly what is needed in today’s hyped up over inflated egos of online business building.

Cj Appleby

“I have a life changing message to share but I’m not going to make the impact I could if no one hears about it .
Thanks to Sandra I’m learning and practicing how to show up on a consistent basis to reach my audience and start my movement.
There’s no one size fits all so Sandra is helping me find what works best for my business and style of working.
Having an expert readily available as a sounding board and to keep my natural momentum growing is priceless.
My Facebook group is growing.I’m showing up daily. I’ve offered my first ever course, and I’m loving the connections I’m making as well as loving my business more and more each day.”

Sara J. Sanderson

Business Coach

I am impressed at both your knowledge, practical application and constant engagement in the group.

I appreciate you and this group. It’s moved me to action.

Christi Daniels

Mentor & Author

A sense of accountability, support and particularly support to do my promotion in a way that feels right for me. Also a sense of not being alone in my endeavours and that there is a community there if I invest in supporting and connecting.

Clarity – a clear plan for my month and week of what needs to happen and time to actually create the plan.

Intention setting time is EXTREMELY VALUABLE + group energy (even when doing it by replay).

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